Owners Frequently Asked Questions

If my property is managed with you is it a risk free investment?

Investments are never risk free, however, residential property management in real estate has become highly competitive over recent years and we have no doubt you will find another agent who will offer to let and manage your investment for a very low fee.

They can afford to do so as they usually do not specialise in property management, but merely see it as an adjunct to their sales income.

Sales continues to be the most important area for the majority of real estate companies.

Professional residential property management is a totally separate and highly skilled area of real estate that demands well qualified and experienced personnel plus an effective and systemised approach to management. Just Property Management has developed "cutting edge" property management systems and procedures that ensure effective letting and management to maximise our clients' investment returns. We believe that these systems and procedures will heavily reduce your risk.

And that's what it's all about - maximising investment opportunities.

We firmly believe that no other estate agent can provide you with the quality and consistency of service that has built our reputation for excellence in property management.

Assuring you of our prompt attention and the very best service at all times.