Tenants Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to rent/apply for a property?

Tenancy Application Form. Make your application on the form provided. This will supply us with all the necessary personal and employment details needed, as well as describe the type of home you're looking for, the price range, and the location.

Most forms include a Privacy Statement that explains what information is being sought and why. This form may also enable the agent to seek information from past landlords and agencies about your rental and credit history. Because you are wanting to rent a valuable asset, which will become your home, it is important that your needs be matched to the property most suited to both parties needs.

To complete processing your application we will also require a photo I.D. You can email this through with your application.

References and Testimonials to Fast Track your Application
 You will be required to supply References or/and Testimonials from past landlords, so it is advisable to have these ready, preferably in writing, so that your Application can be fast tracked. Your application form requests contact details for some of these references so we can often verify references quicker on the telephone, meaning that there is often no need for written references.

References are particularly important in a buoyant market. If you have great references this can often make the difference in you securing the property before any one else does.