Tenants Frequently Asked Questions

What documentation will I need to complete to secure my tenancy?

Tenancy Agreement. Once you have been accepted for a tenancy an agent will request that you sign a Tenancy Agreement within 24 hours.

Note: You will need to complete an Application Form first in order to apply for the property. The Tenancy Agreement confirms information about the property: the address, the Full Names of the Tenant/s, Address for Service, the term of the tenancy (Periodic—not for any fixed period; or Fixed Term—for a stated period), when the tenancy starts, the frequency and amount of the rent payable, and how the rent shall be paid (usually by automatic payment from your bank to the agent's Trust account).

This document also includes the Terms under which you are agreeing to rent the property. Read the Tenancy Agreement carefully. Included will also be any chattels, and special conditions. A copy of your Tenancy Agreement will be provided to you.